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Fax to Email

LINXS Communications fax to email service offering is a reliable IP fax solution. Faxes can be sent via email or using your web portal. To send a fax, our service converts your email attachments into fax documents and delivers them to the recipient’s fax machine. To receive a fax, the sender faxes the document to your personal fax number where it is converted into an email attachment and delivered to your email inbox.

Benefits of Fax to Email

  • Affordable: Less expensive than traditional fax machines

  • Paperless: Never run out of paper or hand deliver faxes.

  • Availability: Works anywhere, with any device that has an internet connection and an email application. Use a desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone.

  • Flexibility: Documents are stored electronically similar to any other file on your computer. Print hard-copies, save to disk or forward via email.

Traditional Fax Machines

LINXS Communications supports traditional Fax Machines running over the internet. The LINXS Communications fax machine solution uses the Cisco enabled fax Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA). It uses a standard ethernet connection and sends faxes securely over the internet without the need for a traditional phone line. Fax machines connected to traditional ATA’s sending fax data over VOIP are inherently unreliable. The LINXS Communications solution solves that problem.