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Enhanced Call Center

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Our Enhanced Call Center application delivers a feature rich set previously unavailable in traditional office phone systems. Improve your customer service and lower costs by bringing your service in house where it can be easily managed.

The Call Center application enables effective call routing, handling and reporting options critical for today’s service-oriented businesses.

VoIP Cloud Call Center service

Key Call Center Features

Queue Routing

  • Standard IVR with unlimited levels and options for multiple entry points

  • Multi-language support

  • Source-based routing for predictive needs

  • Time-based routing 

  • Unlimited number of queues per platform


  • Linear queue support

  • First available queue support

  • Advertisements and queue message support

  • Music-on-hold

  • Queue statistics for administration

  • Agents can be in multiple queues at the same time with skills-based routing

  • Queue callback (callers can request callback, leave their number, and receive a call back when at the front of the queue)

Call Center Agent

  • Log in and log out 

  • Record call dispositions into each CDR

  • Categorize calls 

  • View their active calls

  • View call history

  • View all entries in all queue pertaining to them

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